Welcome to Inlé-rah's Warren, a fan site dedicated to my most favorite animated films of all, Watership Down and The Plague Dogs!  Feel free to have a look around, my friend. The site counter isn't working at the moment due to me having insufficient funds to keep this site in a Premium plan, which I hope to amend later this year.

22 March 2019:

The new Netflix adaptation of Watership Down has inspired me to give my site a complete, more modern makeover. Lovingly re-crafted page by page, all the original content is where it should be, and all broken images have been repaired. I managed to nab a CD copy of the Plague Dogs soundtrack, which also contributed to reigniting my passion for these incredible movies/books.

19 March 2019:

Though I have mostly moved on to other things, I will keep this site here in its original condition. I renew the domain every two years. This site is still near and dear to my heart, as it was one of the first sites I really put effort into.

If you wish to contact me, find me on Twitter https://twitter.com/mysticasgalaxy or watershippedplaguedog@gmail.com

El-ahrairah guide you.

 Thanks for visiting!

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